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The park is a joint venture between the creationist ministry Answers in Genesis (AiG) and the for-profit Ark Encounter, LLC (via Making a biblical theme park « The Immanent Frame)

“Making good architecture takes time and money, all the way from the attention that designers must spend on the structure to the making of places that are both more durable and more open. We, as a society in general, and those commissioning do not want to spend that money.”

“Never mind that the world — and the role of US firepower in it — is so complicated that sometimes those two sets of consequences are rather similar.”

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(via Flannery O’Connor Walks Among Us Still — THE BITTER SOUTHERNER)
#egyptair wisdom. The world is yours for the listening, my friends. Enjoy. The note inside the headphones packet says so.
Sartorial goodies on the rive gauche
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Sayadeen [Fishermen] (Short Documentary, Palestine/UK, 2013)


(via The Incredible Photography of Pierre Bourdieu |
Here lie the remains of Abelard and Heloise. Here’s to love, to the pursuit of knowledge, and to carefully reading your university’s teacher-student fraternization policy. #perelachaise #paris #bathos
Waiting for the sun. #JimMorrison #PereLachaise the #pilgrimage my 17-yr-old self always dreamed of
bier blanche in a bar in a forest in a park in Paris
Heaven is chèvre with papaya wrapped in prosciutto
Ham. Crosswalks. Shoulders.