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Sayadeen [Fishermen] (Short Documentary, Palestine/UK, 2013)


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Here lie the remains of Abelard and Heloise. Here’s to love, to the pursuit of knowledge, and to carefully reading your university’s teacher-student fraternization policy. #perelachaise #paris #bathos
Waiting for the sun. #JimMorrison #PereLachaise the #pilgrimage my 17-yr-old self always dreamed of
bier blanche in a bar in a forest in a park in Paris
Heaven is chèvre with papaya wrapped in prosciutto
Ham. Crosswalks. Shoulders.
Mess in a sundress, 2014 ed.
Mise en place
It can hardly be an accident that Austen is explicit about Mansfield Park’s wealth’s dependence on the slave trade (via Paris Review – In Defense of Fanny Price, Tara Isabella Burton)
The Joan (aka ginger meets Manhattan): shot of #bourbon, splash sweet vermouth, dash #ginger simple syrup, top with ginger ale and plenty of ice #cocktail #recipe
Let’s get this out of the way: clothing marketed as feminist apparel is a joke. It’s all a joke. It’s a beautiful, elaborate joke, one tied into capitalism and production and visibility and affect. It’s not just a t-shirt, it never was, and fashion was never just about how good you feel in your clothes. It is also about who made them, the creation of the ideas behind them, who has sold it to you, and how they knew you’d buy it. Clothing might give you agency to be that kind of femme or butch or whatever that you can will yourself to be, but it’s not just about the signals your clothes give off. It’s about how they came to be in the first place, too. (via Commodity Fetish: This Is Not Really What a Feminist Looks Like | The Hairpin)
(via Children’s Books for Young Feminists | The Hairpin)

Seven reasons birth control pills shouldn't require a prescription - Vox

“in order to carry out violence and subversion abroad, or repression and violation of fundamental rights at home, state power has regularly sought to create the misimpression that it is terrorists that we are fighting..”