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But art like science, literature like philosophy are joined beneath the banner of a carefully determined category: the interesting. Not enjoyment. (via toward an architecture of enjoyment - / in print)

“This militarization of our society has not spared universities.”

“the first person ever to dare publicly to ask president Bashar Al-Assad to step down was in fact a woman”

#cocktail #recipe Mint Lemon Julep: 2 parts whiskey, 1 lemon juice, 1 mint simple syrup, 1 water. Dashes orange flower water and bitters.
#flowers #spring #brunch #bread&roses

The many truths of drone warfare




"There’s no one thing that’s true. It’s all true."

Ernest Hemingway wrote that in For Whom the Bell Tolls, a reflection of the author’s own internal struggle with conflict from when he was a reporter in the Spanish Civil War.

There are many truths in the conflict…

oh cairo

cairo you send me hissing men in the morning such that i am forced to bare my teeth and growl, actually growl, in public, then you send me nights when the nile is so lovely and then as i’m walking from pocket to pocket of oum kalthoum playing on the crackly radio of the taxi and then the security guard by the embassies a car from the 50s appears out of the darkness honking its 50s horn and then i get to stand on the median of qasr al aini and feel like i’m in the matrix, so what am i to do with you?

Quality time with #Bourdieu in the gardens of #Cairo #2daystreak #runningoutofgoodgardens
(via 3 ways to escape zip ties - Boing Boing)
A review that covered 30 major peace agreements signed worldwide between 1992 and 2011 showed that women’s contributions to post-conflict operations was “very low”, standing at 4 per cent of the total stakeholders, 2.4 per cent of the major representatives, 3.7 per cent of witnesses and 9 per cent of mediators, according to Bahous. (via Women alienated in post-conflict talks, decisions — activists | The Jordan Times)

“Academia needs framework that is not only grounded in yesterday, but in today’s world and the preferences and habits of today’s peoples.”

“the Obama administration has famously invoked the Espionage Act more than any other American president”

Temperance map: Illustrating consequences of drinking

i’d like to get off at lazy green in the great state of vanity, tx

Scotch Sour: juice of 1 large/3 small lemons, 2 oz scotch, dash bitters, 2 oz ginger honey syrup (1:1 honey & water with 10 shakes of powdered ginger, dissolved over heat). Serve on the rocks. Lots of rocks.
I confess I know not why or how you are always around ya strawberries, but as long as the growing season provides I shall dress you in peppery arugula and dark chocolate