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country pumpkin

“Too often, people who produce the world’s food are unable to feed themselves and their families.”

chicken cooked in almond milk, from a 13th century cairene cookbook (via run the world chicken (from valuable treasures for a feast of pleasures) | imik simik: cooking with gaul)
(via Excerpts from Guy Debord’s “The Muppets”)
(via The Economics of Palestinian Liberation | Jacobin)

“When we peel away the negative stereotypes and reductive portrayals of African-American food, we see a diverse and complex culinary tradition with nutrient-rich foods like collards, mustards, turnips, butter beans, black-eyed peas, green beans, sugar snap peas and the like at the cuisine’s core.”

First 1300 Years of Islamic History in 3 Minutes | Informed Comment

Lavender & Cardamom chicken, because Friday
It’s that spinach salad recipe from the Jerusalem cookbook only with arugula and black mission figs and lemongrass mint balsamic instead of spinach and dates and boring vinegar

“By the waters of a great shellfish bay
We lay down and slept
and slept”

“According to Maxted, about 50% of the world’s current crops have their origins in the Middle East.”

urban leaf peeping
what happens when the white woman is the protagonist of the imperialist story? (via The White Women of Empire – The New Inquiry)
DC: city of mean hipster eyes and small mercies